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Nov 10, 2012 6:00pm EST
'm a senior fellow, in california in the early '90s on this topic. they were doing a series of events for high school teachers, and that's how it got started. and then when i decided to put them together in a book, i went over them, expanded them and really developed the argument in a way that it deserves to be stated. c-span: where's the claremont institute, and what does it do? >> guest: they're--well, they're a think tank--claremont, california, and they're devoted to the idea of restoring the principles of the declaration of independence in american life. many of the people associated with the institute are former students of harry jaffa, who was, for many years, a professor out there in the claremont mckenna college and graduate school. c-span: how big is it? how many people belong to it? >> guest: well, it's not like--it's not quite as big as aei, but it's one of the major conservative--sort of second-tier conservative think tanks in america. c-span: and where is claremont, california? what's it near? >> guest: well, it's about 30 miles east of la. c-span: in the beginning of your book u
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1